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Setup a free local pickup rate

Learn how to offer your customers a free local pickup rate option at checkout.

If you'd like to set up a free local pickup option for your customers there's two ways you can do this.

The first is to use Shopify's 'local pickup' option, or you can create your own free pickup option within your regions in Postcode shipping which will show along with your other rates. We'll step you through these two options below.

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- Use the Shopify free pickup option
- Create your own free pickup option
- Setup a free local pickup rate only for certain products

Use the Shopify free pickup option

Go to your Shopify dashboard. For example:
Navigate to Settings, then Shipping and delivery.

Scroll down to the 'Additional delivery methods' section.
Under 'Local pickup' you will see a list of your locations. Click Manage for the location you wish to offer free pickup from.

Select This location offers local pickup.
Select your 'Expected pickup time' and enter pickup instructions if you like.
Click Save.

If you have multiple warehouses or stores, repeat this process for any other locations you offer free pickup from.

Now when your customers check out they will see a 'Pickup' tab when they get to the Shipping part of the process.

Create your own free pickup option

Navigate to your Postcode Shipping dashboard.
Select the Shipping Zone you'd like to add free shipping to.

Within the Shipping Zone, select the Region you'd like to offer free local pickup to.

Within the Region, scroll down to where you have rates listed. You're going to add a new free rate. Click Add new rate.

In the Add new rate screen, give the rate a title, and fill in the description if you'd like to leave instructions for your customers that they will see at the checkout, and make sure to select the rate type as 'free'.

Then click Save at the top right.

Now this rate will display alongside your other rates at checkout.

Setup a free local pickup rate only for certain products

Navigate to your  Postcode Shipping dashboard and select Product Groups. To enable this feature, please navigate to the Settings menu and choose the "Product Groups" option.

Create a product group and add all the products that you want to have the pickup rate option.

Note: We suggest you set the group as inactive while you get it fully set up.

After creating this product group, if you go to your created Regions, you now have the option to set rates for your groups.

To proceed, select your pickup Product Group and navigate to the 'Add New Rate' page. You can assign a title to your rate and add a description, which could be useful for providing instructions to your customers during checkout.
Choose the product group you created for your store's Local Pick-up items as the product group.

Select the type of rate that you would like to offer for the product group.

In addition to this, you also have the option to set rate rules that will make the product group only appear in the cart under certain conditions, such as the following:

This will make the rate only appear when the Product groups only include the product groups with the pickup items.

Once done, click Save at the top right.

At checkout, this rate will now appear among your other rates.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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