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Delete Shopify's default rates

Learn how and why you should delete Shopify's default rates.

When using Postcode Shipping it's a good idea to delete Shopify's default shipping rates. You're unlikely to need them, and they can cause confusion.

When we refer to Shopify 'default rates' we mean the standard rates you create in Shopify, rather than those you create in our app. Any rates you may have already created in your Shopify Admin before installing our app would be 'default rates'.

How to delete Shopify's default rates:

Go to your Shopify Dashboard. For example:

Click Settings in the bottom left corner.

Then click Shipping and delivery from the list of options.

Click Manage Rates on the right of the 'Delivery methods at checkout' section.

Scroll down to the 'Shipping to' section. Here you'll see all of your rates, if you have created any.

If you see a tab 'Your rates' these are Shopify default rates you have created previously and can be deleted. Click the 3 dots on the right of the default shipping rates for options. Click Delete .

If you've already connected your Postcode Shipping rates they'll be listed under the 'Carrier and app rates' tab.

If you see only Postcode Shipping rates (like this example below, notice the tabs are gone), you don't need to do anything, as you don't have any default rates to delete.

If you see the notice 'No rates. Customers in this zone won't be able to complete checkout', you don't need to delete anything, as you don't have any default rates to delete, BUT you should follow our guide to learn how to enable Postcode Shipping rates as this notice means you haven't quite finished your setup.

If you've made any changes make sure to save them, click the Save button at the top right.

Don't forget to delete any default rates in other shipping zones.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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