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How to avoid rates for PO BOX addresses?

If you're planning not to allow shipping to PO Box addresses, you could use our area rules to avoid this from happening.

Essentially, what you need to do is add address_1:[po box] and address_2:[po box] in the exclusion rule of your region where you want to apply this exclusion, so your customers aren't given any rates at check-out if a PO Box is used in the shipping address.

For you to apply it on your set up, follow these steps:

From the Postcode Shipping dashboard, go to Shipping zones
Select a Region, and enable the Add Exclusion rules
Paste address_1:[po box] and address_2:[po box] on the mentioned field and click on Save.

This needs to be added to each of the Region where you want to apply the exclusion of PO Box.

NOTE: If you have a catch all regions set up, to add these exclusions you may want to:
🡺 Create a new region; its name should reference the PO Box exclusion, so you know.
🡺 On the Match rules field, add:
address_1:[po box]
address_2:[po box]
🡺 Then save it without adding any rates to it. This will limit your customers to checkout using the PO Box when you have a catch all region set up.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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