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Create a Product Group

Learn how to create a Product Group and assign products and variants to the group.

If you are using app-based Product Groups you can create as many Product Groups as you need and assign to them whichever products you need specific rates for.

First click on “Product Groups” in the main menu. If this is your first time using Product Groups and you do not have any shipping profiles on Shopify then you will see a screen that explains that app-based Product Groups are in use.

Click “Add a Product Group”.

On the Product Group creation screen there are two panels - ‘Product Group Details’ and ‘Products in this group’.

Within the ‘Shipping Zone Details’ panel there are two fields:

Product Group Title: This should generally be a title that will allow you to identify the nature of the products in this group e.g. “Fragile items” or “Extra heavy products”.

Shipping Zone Status: This field allows you to disable a Product Group to prevent any of the Rates assigned to it being made available to customers.

We strongly recommend setting new Product Groups to ‘inactive’ whilst you are setting up Rates for the group.
If the group is active and there are no Rates yet assigned to it customers will see no rates at checkout. Once you have set up Rates for the group you can set it to active and your customers will start getting the group-specific Rates.

Within the ‘Products in this group’ panel you can add and remove products from the group. To select products, click the ‘Add products’ button. This opens a window that allows you to search for and select products. You can bulk select all variants for a product or drill down and select only certain variants.

Note that a product variant can only belong to one product group at a time. If another product group has already assigned a particular variant you will not be able to select that variant when creating a new profile and will see an indicator explaining that the variant is in another group

Having selected one or more products you will see the products listed along with the number of variants for that product that were selected. You can remove a product and its selected variants from the Product Group or you can edit the variants that were selected.

Once you have created all Product Groups that you need you can then assign rates to each Product Group.

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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