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Assigning Rates to Product Groups

Learn how to create and manage Rates for specific Product Groups.

Having set up Product Groups in Postcode Shipping you need to set up rates that should apply when a customer has an item that is assigned to one of your Product Group in their cart.

When setting up Rates for your Product Groups we strongly recommend setting the status of your Product Groups to ‘inactive’.
Whilst a Product Group is inactive, you can still assign rates to it within Postcode Shipping but customers won’t get those rates if their cart has an item in that Product Group. This allows you to set up your rates without having to worry that your customers are getting incorrect rates (or no rates at all).

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Adding new Rates to a Product Group
Moving and duplicating Rates

Adding new Rates to a Product Group

To add a Rate to a Product Group, navigate to the Region you want to set up Rates for. Under the Region details and postcode rules, you will see a list of the Product Groups that you have set up starting with the default ‘General’ group. The 'General' group will contain any rates you already have set up for this Region (if any).

By default a Product Group that has rates will be shown in a ‘collapsed’ form:

To view the rates in this Product Group, click “Show rates”. You’ll then see the rates that are already assigned to the group. You can click on any of these Rates to edit their details.

To add a new Rate to the group click the ‘Add rate’ button. This will take you to the Rate creation screen. These screen will contain an additional field called “Product Group” that will be automatically set to the Product Group you’re adding the Rate to.

If a Product Group does not yet have Rates you’ll see a warning message.

It’s very important to add at least one rate to each Product Group. Failure to do so will mean that if a customers cart contains an item that belongs in this group they will get no Rates.

If the group is set as inactive you’ll see a different warning message.

In either case you can click the button under the warning to set up a new rate for this group.

Moving and duplicating Rates

To make it a little easier to set up Rates for your Product Groups, you can move and duplicate Rates in bulk. This is particularly useful as you will usually want the Rates between Product Groups to have the same titles but different prices.

For example, having set up two Rates in your ‘General’ Product Group you may wish to duplicate these Rates in your “Heavy Items” Product Group before tweaking the price of the rates in the latter group.

To do so, click ‘show rates’ for the ‘General’ profile to show the list of Rates.

Select the Rates that you want to duplicate and select ‘Duplicate’ under ‘Actions’.

A pop up will ask you to confirm the Region and Product Group that you want to duplicate the Rate/s into. Upon confirmation, the Rates will be duplicated and will appear in Product Group you duplicated them to.

Moving rates between Product Groups or Regions works in a similar way with the exception that they are removed from their current Product Group or Region and into the new one.

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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