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Importing Shopify-based Product Groups

Learn how to set up Product Groups that are based on your Shopify shipping profiles.

If you are already using shipping profiles in Shopify to create groups of products with different rates, you can import information from Shopify about these profiles and use them as the basis of your Product Groups in Postcode Shipping.

Shipping Profiles on Shopify are useful for stores with complex shipping needs or multiple fulfilment locations.
However if the only reason that you currently use shipping profiles is to have different rates for some products and you want to use Postcode Shipping to handle all your shipping rates then we strongly recommend removing your shipping profiles on Shopify and setting up app-based Product Groups instead. Learn more about the about the two types of Product Groups.

Initial import

When you first set up Product Groups, you’ll be prompted to start an import of your shipping profile data from Shopify. This will collect information on your shipping profiles and the products you’ve assigned to them from your Shopify shipping settings.

The import process can take a few minutes but you are free to leave the page and return - the import will continue in the background.

When this is complete you will see a list of Product Groups and a banner detailing the time and status of the last import.

You can view details of each of these Product Groups but you cannot edit their names or the products that are assigned to them in Postcode Shipping. To do this you would need to make changes to your shipping profiles on Shopify and the re-import the new information from Shopify.

Re-importing shipping profile information

If you have made changes to your shipping profiles on Shopify you should re-import your shipping profiles to reflect these updates in Postcode Shipping. To do so, simply click the re-import button in the import banner at the top of the list of Product Groups.

This will rerun the import and will update, add or delete Product Groups as necessary. If there is an issue with the import an error banner will be displayed with details. You can try the import again (in the case of a temporary fault that prevented the import) or, if the issue persists, you can contact support and we can investigate further

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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