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Edit a Product Group

Learn how to edit an existing Product Group to change its title, status or the products that are assigned to it.

To edit a Product Group simply select the group that you wish to edit from the Product Groups page.

Make any changes you need to the Product Group title or status. You can also add or remove product variants from this group.

Click Save Product Group at the top right of the screen

Editing the Product Group title will not affect any of the rates that have been assigned to it so far.

If you are using Shopify-based Product Groups you will only be able to edit the active status of the Product Group - the title and products in the Group will be visible but not editable

Making a Product Group inactive will mean that any rates that have been assigned to the Product Group will no longer be available to customers (even if the rates themselves are active).

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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