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Why aren’t the countries I ship to available at checkout?

If you’ve already completely set up your Postcode Shipping app, but you don’t see all the countries, you ship to, when trying to place an order at checkout, the reason may be that your international markets aren't active or the country or countries aren't active on any of your store Markets.

To confirm everything is correctly set up, you'll want to turn your international markets on and verify the countries in your existing markets to ensure your desired countries appear at checkout. The steps to activate international markets are listed below:

Log in to your Shopify Admin
Click on 'Settings' > 'Markets' > 'International'
Click on 'Manage' > 'Market status' > 'Active'

To check or edit the countries on a market, you'd simply need to access the Market and click 'Edit'

After this, you'd need to access your Shipping and Delivery settings to confirm the countries are listed on your shipping zones.

Finally, for full information on how markets work and how to manage them, you can always check the Shopify article on them: Managing markets.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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