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Why am I getting a rate called 'Shipping' that I didn't setup?

If you are seeing a rate called "Shipping" with no description, and you're 100% sure you didn't setup this rate, then it's quite likely that you are seeing a consolidated rate. This happens when Shopify sends multiple requests to Postcode Shipping because products are in different locations or belong to different shipping profiles (or product groups), and the rates that are sent back do not have the same titles.

In this scenario, Shopify takes the cheapest rate from each request, sums the totals and sets the rate title to "Shipping".

Example: Standard Shipping (request 1) $8 (+) Fast Shipping (request 2) $14 => Shipping $22

Can I avoid this from happening?

Multi Location

If you have Multi-location Shipping active, we're afraid this is what Shopify does to rates now. This is the way Shopify handles rate requests to 3rd-party carrier apps like ours. Basically, if inventory is coming from different locations (if the stock is being fulfilled from multiple locations), Shopify will send us separate requests and blend the rates together.

The only solution we have seen is having a single source of inventory. Sadly, Shopify has said they are not likely to make any changes to multi-location support for carriers (at least with their current approach to 3rd-party carrier rates), so there isn't much we can do to help resolve this in this instance.

Shipping Profiles

If you use Shopify Shipping Profiles, Shopify does not send profiles to carrier apps, the app will get a different request from each profile. Therefore, if a customer orders multiple items from your store and they come from different profiles, Shopify will query for shipping rates multiple times and add them together. If these rates do not have the same exact title, the final shipping name will be simply 'Shipping'. Basically, Shopify will send different requests to the app and they get quoted on their own. Then when the customer checks out the rates are combined. That is why they may see the price double.

The only way to stop it is to have the products in the same profile in your Shopify Admin, or you can make use of our 'Product Groups' feature (app-based Product groups ) if you're not doing anything advanced with your shipping profiles; e.g. different sending locations or inventory stocking.

Postcode Shipping follows a similar approach to Shopify when calculating rates across Product Groups, but if offers tools you can use to set up rates that apply only on certain cart combinations. For related information, you may check Product Groups | Postcode Shipping and, of course, get in contact if further assistance is needed.

Product Groups

If you have Product Groups configured in your app, this may occur if a customer cart contains an item from different groups, and the rates applicable to each item have a different name:

Standard Rate - $20
Expedited Rate - $22

Final rate:
Shipping - $42

The reason for this is due to the fact that the applicable rates don't have the same title across all two Product Groups. In this situation, the prices are added together and a single rate with the title “Shipping” is shown. To learn more about mixed cart when using product groups, please visit: How rates work for mixed carts.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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