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What is Carrier Shipping and which Shopify plan has it?

Carrier Shipping or Carrier-Calculated Shipping (CCS) is a module within your Shopify store which facilitates your store's ability to retrieve rates from an external shipping app.

This module is often confused with traditional carriers such as TNT, FedEx, Australia Post and many more. These are traditional shipping carriers but they are not what Shopify calls 'Carrier Shipping'.

Shopify limits which stores have access to this feature. Below you'll identify which plans can support it, and which can't.

Not supportedNot supportedRequest Shopify to enable itSupported by defaultSupported by default

Stores on the Shopify 'Advanced' and 'Plus'

Stores on the Shopify Advanced and Plus plans have access to the Carrier Service API. This means that if you install Postcode Shipping, it'll run smoothly.

Stores on the 'Shopify' plan

Stores on the 'Shopify' won't have the Carrier Service feature, but you can request access by contacting Shopify support.

Shopify 'Starter' and 'Basic' plans

Shopify decided that starting January 1, 2023, stores on the Shopify 'Starter' and 'Basic' plans would not be able to request access to the Carrier Service API.

The good news is that if your store had been granted access to the Carrier Service before Jan. 1, 2023, Shopify will not remove this feature from your plan. However, if you make changes to your plan, you will no longer grandfathered with this feature.

Please note that it's Shopify who controls this feature. You can read further information on the topic of Carrier Service over in the Shopify knowledge base. And we highly suggest reaching out to Shopify support to confirm if the Carrier Calculated Shipping can be activated on your Starter or Basic plan.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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