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Shopify Back-up rate instead of the Postcode Shipping rate

We understand that having Shopify display a backup rate instead of the shipping rates you've set in your Postcode Shipping app is unexpected.

The Shopify-powered backup shipping rates are activated in your Shopify store by default for all delivery profiles and shipping zones when you're relying on a third-party to calculate shipping rates at checkout (such as our Postcode Shipping app).

Normally, the Shopify backup rates will apply if the third-party shipping app doesn't respond within 10 seconds. However, the Postcode Shipping is built to ensure that the response times are in the under 50 milliseconds and it's a highly stable app.

There is one main reason for Postcode Shipping not responding within 10 seconds, and that is Shopify API connection downtimes. If Shopify’s API is down at the moment a rate is requested at checkout, our app will have to wait for Shopify to return the response via API call, and only then can we determine the shipping rate (per the rules set up in the app) and return that to the checkout.

So, if that API connection is down for a short moment, then this would take more than 10 seconds and the backup rates will be useful. Just as Shopify suggests, we highly recommend you setting customized backup rates to ensure your customers can checkout while also getting a fair Shipping rate in case Shopify delivers a backup rate. You can customize your Shopify-based backup rates by following the instructions in this article.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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