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Rate Rules

Learn how to add a set of rules to a Rate that determine the conditions under which it will be shown to customers.

After setting the relevant details for your Rate, you a free to establish a set of rules for the rate that will determine whether it should be made available to the customer.

Rate Rules are optional - if you set no rules for a Rate it will always be displayed to a customer if the Shipping Zone and Region that the Rate sits under are matched.

If you wish to add rules to a Rate, click the Add new rule group button within the ‘Rate Rules’ panel:

This will populate a rule ‘group’ containing a single rule. You are free to add more than one rule to a group - adding more rules makes that rule group more specific. You can think of rules within a group as having ‘AND’ between each rule.

Additionally you can create any number of rule groups which are evaluated separately. You can think of groups as having ‘OR’ between each rule group.

Acme Inc. wants to offer customers free shipping but only under certain circumstances:
An order must have 3 items or more AND weigh less than 1 KG.
An order must be worth at least $20.
Having set up a ‘free’ rate, they create the following rules:

There are 4 ‘features’ of an order that can be used to build Rate Rules:

Total number of items

Total order weight

Total order value

Day of order

Each of these features can be used only once within each rule group but can be reused between rule groups. For example, if you wanted to specify that a rate should only apply on a weekend you would need to create two rule groups that each contains a single rule:

Once you have entered details and rules for your new Rate, click the Save button in the bottom right of the screen and your new Rate will be saved.

Updated on: 08/04/2023

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