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How to Deactivate Your Postcode Shipping Rates

Learn how to deactivate your Postcode Shipping rates to ensure they aren't displayed at checkout.

You can quickly deactivate the Postcode Shipping rates so they don't flow through to your store checkout. There are two options for this:

Option 1 - Deactivate the rates through the Postcode Shipping app

From your Shopify admin > Apps > Postcode Shipping.
Once on the app dashboard, go to the Shipping Zones.
Choose the Zone you would like to deactivate.
Select "Inactive" in the Shipping Zone Status.

Make sure to click on Save to apply the changes.

Should you want to deactivate specific Rates only, you can do it by going directly to the particular Rate and deactivating it from there. For example:

Option 2 - Deactivate the rates through the Shopify Shipping Settings

From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.
Select the Shipping and Delivery option and access your General shipping profile.

NOTE: If you have more shipping profiles enabled in your store (apart from the 'General' one), make sure you repeat the process for each.

Select the Zone where you’d like to deactivate the Postcode Shipping Rates.
Click on the 3 dots on the right side where it says Postcode Shipping (rates provided by app), then click Delete and Save.

In the example below, Australia is the Zone that will be deactivated.

💡To reactivate the Rates from the app, please follow the steps provided in this article: Setup your Shopify Shipping Zones and enable Postcode Shipping Rates.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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