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Having rates on different rate providers will cause conflicts?

Our rates should be displayed alongside with any other rates configured through other apps, we never block other rates set up through a different provider. I

When rates come from different Rate providers, Shopify will displays them all. However, if the rates available for a specific postcode or area have the same name on both sources, Shopify will take the cheapest.


Postcode Shipping app rate

Standard Shipping: $10

Another app

Standard Shipping: $FREE

Final rate at checkout

Standard Shipping : $FREE

In this scenario, the app is returning one rate named "Standard shipping" with the price of $10, and a rate with same name with the price of $0.00 is also being returned by the other app. So, Shopify will pick up the cheapest one when it comes to "Standard Shipping" rate.

That being said, we suggest to make sure the rate names set on both apps are not exactly the same because when rates come from different carriers Shopify displays them all, and if the rates have the same name, Shopify will take the cheapest.

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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