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Error at checkout

If your rates are not displaying to your customers at the checkout, here are some reasons this might be happening and how you can fix it.

If your rates are not displaying and instead you’re seeing an error like “Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address" or "No shipping rate available for this area"​ on the checkout page, check the following to see if you can find a solution to the problem:

➔ Are you signed up to an infinite trial of the app? If the answer is yes, then we’ve figured it out! Testing your rates during your trial will require you to type ‘Addition’ in the 'first name' field for the destination address at checkout. This will ensure the rates display at checkout during your trial period.

➔ Did you accidentally miss the step of creating Shipping Zones in your Shopify Admin? It’s important to remember that after you've created Shipping Zones in the app, you also need to go to your Shopify admin to create Shipping Zones there and then enable Postcode Shipping as the rate provider for those zones.

➔ Are the products added to the cart physical products? It's important to make sure your physical items are flagged as physical items, so the app can determine that it is an item which needs shipping, and therefore a shipping rate!

➔ Do the products have a weight of more than 0? If you’ve set ‘weight-based’ rates, but the products have a weight of 0, the rates will not display. Check all of your items have weights.

➔ If your Shopify store has multiple locations set up, make sure the items in the cart are available from the location they are shipping from.

➔ The Rate could have rules that the order doesn’t comply with. For example: The rate was set up to apply to orders under $100, but the order is $101. In that case, the rule restricts the rate to apply to this order since its price is bigger than $100. Check that your order fits with the Rate Rules you have set up for that rate.

➔ Perhaps the 'Services' and 'Show future services' option for the zone is disabled in your Shopify Admin. As long as you have your 'Services' and 'Future services' ticked, then all your rates will flow through to the checkout.

To see if the 'Future Services' setting is enabled:

Click on Settings in the Shopify Admin menu.

Click on Shipping and delivery, then Manage rates in the 'Shipping' section.

Scroll down to the 'Shipping To' section of the page and locate the app.

Click on the three dots in the right and select Edit.

If the Future Services setting and Services options isn't enabled, select them & save changes.

Then, repeat these steps for all the Shipping Zones where Postcode Shipping is enabled as the rate provider.

➔ It's possible that rates won't display at checkout if an item in the cart has been assigned a new Shipping Profile (in Shopify Admin) with no Rates assigned to it yet.

In this example above, I created a second Shipping Profile for fragile products that require a different Shipping Rate. However, no rates have been set up yet on this new shipping profile, which means that if I place an order that includes these products, there will be no rates to display at checkout.

For it to work, I’d need to create Shipping Zones in the new shipping profile, and then select Postcode Shipping as the app to calculate rates.

➔ Is the Shipping Zone status marked as Active? It’s worth checking this out in case you marked it as Inactive by mistake. Check this by navigating to the Shipping Zone in the Postcode Shipping app, then open the Zone and check its status.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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