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Christina wants to mark up rates with a handling fee

Christina wants to mark up rates with a handling fee

Christina, the owner of The Nicknack Store, wants to mark up rates with a handling fee, to account for the cost of packaging and the time to fulfill orders. To set up a handling fee that will be applied to all rates within a Shipping Zone, Christina can use Shopify's handling fee option. We'll step you through the process.

Christina has already:

Installed Postcode Shipping to her Shopify store & connected Carrier Shipping.

Navigated to her Postcode Shipping dashboard.

Set up her Shipping Zones, Regions and Rates in Postcode Shipping.

Set up her Shipping Zones in Shopify and selected the Postcode Shipping app as the rate provider.

Add a handling fee/rate adjustment:

From the Shopify dashboard click Settings > Shipping and delivery.

Click Manage Rates next to the shipping profile you wish to edit.

Scroll down to the 'Shipping to' section.

Expand the 3 dots to the right of the rate you wish to add the handling free to, and choose Edit.

In the rate edit window, under 'Handling fee', you can add a positive or negative rate adjustment by percentage or as a flat rate.

Click Done when you are ready.

Now Christina's customers' overall total will be adjusted with the additional handling fee, as long as their delivery address is in the Shipping Zone she applied the adjustment to. Be sure to apply the fee to all Rates in all Shipping Zones that need it.

The handling fee is added to the total shipping rate that the customer sees, and is not displayed separately. So a $30 shipping rate with a $2 handling fee will show to the customer simply at a $32 shipping rate.

If you'd like to add a handling fee to a more precise area than a whole Shipping Zone, we recommend you build the fee into your Rates.

Updated on: 25/11/2022

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