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Global Modifiers

Global modifiers are useful when you want to make a change across all your shipping rates but do not want to modify all your rates individually. They are particularly handy when you need to apply a temporary markup or reduction on your rates.

Acme Inc. wants to offer 50% off all shipping rates when a customer spends over $30 during the week leading up to Mothers Day. They have a complex shipping setup with several Regions and a fairly large number of Rates.
Rather than update all their rates, ACME Inc. create a global modifier that:
* Reduces the price of shipping rates by 50%
* Appends a note to the rate description - “Half price shipping on orders over $30!”
* Has a rule that ensures that the modifier will only be applied if the total order value is over $30

Key features

Set temporary (or long-term) modifications on your shipping rates.
Increase or decrease the rate price by a fixed amount or a percentage of the rate price.
Modify or replace the existing rate description.
Set rules that govern when the modifier should be applied.

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How to Enable Global Modifiers?

The Global Modifiers feature is not enabled by default - you need to toggle the feature on in order to set modifiers for all your rates.

To enable Global Modifiers, click on Settings in the main menu. On the following screen you will see the option to toggle Global Modifiers on or off:

Click ‘enable’ to toggle the feature on - you will see a confirmation pop up to confirm the change in settings. You should now be able to see a new item in the main menu for “Global Modifiers”. Click this to proceed with setting up Global Modifiers.

When you initially turn on Global Modifiers, customers will see no change in the rates you have set up.

Disabling Global Modifiers

If you no longer wish to use the Global Modifiers feature, you can disable the feature from the Settings screen. This will not delete any Global Modifiers that you had set up but they will no longer be applied to your rates.

How to Create a Global Modifier

Once you have enabled the Global Modifiers feature click on the “Global Modifiers” item in the main menu. On the following screen click the “Add a Global Rate Modifier” button.

On the creation screen you’ll see a set of eight fields:

Reference - An internal name for this modifier to help you to identify it quickly. Customers will not see this reference.
Title - An optional title for this Rate that will be appended to the Rate description that is displayed to the customer. For example if you add a Global Modifier with a title of “20% off” that is applied to a Rate with a description of “Includes insurance”, the full description returned to the customer would be “Includes insurance - 20% off”
Modifier title position - Defines whether the Global Modifier title should be added before or after the rate description or whether it should replace the description entirely
Status - Whether the modifier is currently active or not
Type - Defines how the modification price is calculated. Your can choose between ‘Flat amount’ which modifies the Rate price by a set amount and ‘Percentage’ which modifies the Rate price by a specific percentage.
Effect - Determines whether the modifier increases or reduces the price of the Rate.
Adjustment - The adjustment field allows you to specify the amount by which this Rate Modifier should change the Rate price. If you selected ‘Flat amount’ as the Rate type, this field will be a money amount e.g. $5. If you selected ‘Percentage’ as the Rate type this field will be a percentage value, e.g. 5%.
When to apply modifier - Determines whether this Global Modifier is calculated and applied before or after any Rate Modifiers.

Global Modifier Rules

When creating or editing a Global Modifier you are free to add rules that determine whether or not that modifier is applied to a given rate.

If no rules are set up for a Global Modifier it will automatically apply to all rates.

To get started, click the Add new rule group button:

The Rate Modifier Rule builder follows the same conventions seen in the Rate Rules builder. The only difference is the order of ‘features’ that you can use as the basis of your rules.

Your rules can be based on:

Total cart value
Total cart weight
Total number of
The current day of the week
The total price of the rate

How to Edit a Global Modifier

1- To edit a Global Modifier simply select the modifier your wish to edit from the list you see when you click on 'Global Modifiers' .

2- Make any changes that you require to the modifier and any rules you have set up.

3- Click Save Global Modifier button at the top right of the screen.# How to Delete a Global Modifier

How to Delete a Global Modifier

1- To delete a Global Modifier, click Delete directly under the Global Modifier name, on the 'global modifier edit' screen.

2- You will be asked to confirm if you wish to delete the Global Modifier and if you choose to proceed your Global Modifier will be deleted.

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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