Updating your carrier endpoint

In September 2020 we made some changes to the Postcode Shipping application to improve performance. These changes require a simple update to the carrier url for the app that is installed on your store.

We are migrating stores to the updated version of the application in stages. When you log into the app after this migration you may see this message:

Simply click the Proceed button and we will install the new carrier endpoint url on your store.

In most cases this will be all you need to do. However if you have customised the Shipping Zones for your store within Shopify admin you will need to review these.

When a carrier url is updated the carrier service (Postcode Shipping in this case) is added to all existing Shipping Zones. This might cause unexpected results at checkout if you have specifically excluded the Postcode Shipping app from certain Shipping Zones.

To ensure this will not be a problem, head to Settings > Shipping and delivery from within Shopify admin. Follow the Manage rates link.

On the following screen you can review any Shipping Zones that you have set up to ensure that rates from the Postcode Shipping app appear in the correct ones.