Global Modifiers

Set up modifiers that change the price and description of all your rates or use those that meet certain criteria.

Global modifiers are useful when you want to make a change across all your shipping rates but do not want to modify all your rates individually. They are particularly handy when you need to apply a temporary markup or reduction on your rates.


Acme Inc. wants to offer 50% off all shipping rates when a customer spends over $30 during the week leading up to Mothers Day. They have a complex shipping setup with several Regions and a fairly large number of Rates.

Rather than update all their rates, ACME Inc. create a global modifier that:

  • Reduces the price of shipping rates by 50%

  • Appends a note to the rate description - “Half price shipping on orders over $30!”

  • Has a rule that ensures that the modifier will only be applied if the total order value is over $30

Key features

  • Set temporary (or long-term) modifications on your shipping rates.

  • Increase or decrease the rate price by a fixed amount or a percentage of the rate price.

  • Modify or replace the existing rate description.

  • Set rules that govern when the modifier should be applied.