Ben uses Postcode Shipping to create rate tiers based on order weight

Ben sells office supplies and uses 'surcharges per kg' to offer his customers tiered shipping rates based on their order weight. His initial rate is $20 for any order weighing up to 10kg. He then charges $10 extra for every 5kg over the base rate.

Ben's delivery areas & rates:

STANDARD SHIPPING [Orders in the US, weighing 0-10kg]: $20 shipping + $10 for every extra 5kg

Ben has already:

Create a Shipping Zone for the US:

The first thing Ben needs to do is create a Shipping Zone for the US. A Shipping Zone is a country or a group of countries. Since Ben is only offering shipping within the US, he only needs to make one Shipping Zone.

  • From the Postcode Shipping dashboard, click Shipping Zones, then add Shipping Zone.

  • Name the Shipping Zone and choose the appropriate country/countries from the list.

  • Click Save.

Create a Catchall Region:

Next, Ben needs to define the areas he wishes to provide delivery to in the Shipping Zone 'United States'. Since Ben's shipping is the same all over the country, he's going to create just one range and make it a Catchall Region.

  • Within the Shipping Zone (eg 'United States') click the option to Add a Region.

  • Give the Region a name (eg 'Domestic'), and set the 'Catchall' status to Yes. Notice that the 'Range rules' fields disappear, as no postcodes/zip codes are needed.

  • Click Save Region.

If your Rates are not the same to all areas within your Shipping Zone, you can set up multiple Regions. Specify the postcodes/zip codes that make up each Region, instead of selecting 'Catch all'.

Add a Rate with a weight-based surcharge:

Once Ben has created his Region, he's ready to add a Rate with a 'surcharge per kg'.

  • At the bottom of the Region screen click Add a Rate.

  • Fill in the Rate details. Ben calls the Rate 'Standard Shipping' and chooses the 'weight' rate type.

He then uses the 'Surcharge per kg' option to create rate tiers.

  • The first surcharge tier is $20, per 10kg, applied to the first 10kg of any order.

  • The second surcharge tier is $10 per 5kg of weight added on top of the initial 10kg.
    Since this is the final rate tier the field 'Apply to the next...' is left blank so that rate will be applied to all remaining cart weight.

Now, when Ben's customers checkout in his store they will only see shipping rates available to them based on their order weight. If their order weighs under 10kg they will see $20 shipping. And $10 will be added to the shipping rate for every extra 5kg in their cart.

You can use this setup for your country too! Even though this example is based in the US, you can setup your rates in a similar way no matter which country you are shipping from or shipping to.

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